How a Fancy Dog Leash can Keep Your Pet Safe

How a Fancy Dog Leash can Keep Your Pet Safe

Everyone loves to splurge on something fancy now and then. Whether we are treating ourselves or a loved one, having something fancy makes us feel special. Everyone deserves something fancy, and even our dogs deserve a fancy dog leash! Not only can we feel good about a special item, but having a fancy dog leash will actually keep your pets safe.

A luxury product, which tends to be fancier, will have higher quality materials. The materials of a less expensive dog product will wear faster and not be as durable as a higher-end product. Leather is a favorite material for luxury, and it is one of the strongest materials on the market. When lined with a bonded leather, leather can withhold pressure and bear large amounts of weight without stretching or tearing. This keeps the leash intact and your pet safe. 

The level of detail during construction is huge between mass-produced products and luxury products. A lower price point product is most likely mass-produced overseas and has not received the same level of detail that a high-end dog product has had. These factories are concerned with how many units they can make in a certain amount of time, and they will function based on quantity, not quality. Many luxury items are made in small production batches by people who have a high level of integrity in their work. There is a level of detail in fancy products that are not found in mass-market products.   

This quality and materials will always affect the safety of dog products. When it comes to safety, we all want the absolute best for our pets. Spending the extra money on a fancy leash will definitely keep your dog safer during walks. You have peace of mind that your leash has the finest materials and was made with love and care. There is never any worry of your leash breaking or failing you while on a walk with your pup.

Finn + me is a luxury dog accessories brand based in New York City. In 2018, the brand was founded by Rebecca Fadden, an experienced veteran of the NYC fashion industry. After noticing there were few quality luxury dog products in the market, Rebecca and her small labradoodle, Finn, set out to create a line of attainable luxury dog accessories. All leather leashes, collars, and Pooch Purses are handmade ethically in New York City from leather imported from Italy. All clothing is also ethically manufactured in NYC from the finest materials sourced globally. Finn + me has been featured in several high-profile media outlets, including Vogue and American Express, and sold at luxury boutiques and retailers worldwide.