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Brain Training Games for Dogs

Everyone enjoys playing exciting games with their pets. These games are not only useful for having fun and getting daily exercise, but well-structured games can help your dog develop positive habits and learn new skills. If you have an energetic and curious dog, there are many brain training games for dogs that can make him smarter and a lot more fun to train and play with.

With That in Mind, we are Going to Take a Look at Some Training Games for Dogs That you can Try This Summer:

Pick Up Toys- here’s a good brain train for dogs. Decluttering and cleaning up can be a lot more fun if your dog contributes to the chore. With a verbal command, you can tell your dog to pick up items on the floor and put them into a special container. Start by placing toys in random locations. Designate a special container in each room, so your dog knows where to put things they just picked up. With a simple verbal command, like “pick up”, you dog knows that he needs to grab a toy and drop it in a basket. Continue adding new items and hide some of them. Give your dog a treat or praise after completing the task.

Naming Game- some dog breeds, including the Japanese Shibu Inu, are not only very responsive to verbal commands, but they can also associate an item with a name. Put two items on the floor, like a tennis ball and a rubber duck. Tell your dog to “pick up ball”. Each time your dog picks up the right item, give him a praise. It may take 30 repetitions or more before your dog can name an item with good consistency. Repeat this simple game regularly to improve naming association and comprehension.

Red And Green Lights- dogs can’t see the colours red or green, they only see shades of black, white, yellow, and blue. Although your dog might see red and green differently, they can still distinguish between these colours. You may use a smartphone to show red or green colour. If it’s red, your dog must stay still and if it’s green, he can move around again. Say “red light….stay!” while showing the red colour on your smartphone. Follow it up with “green light….fetch!”. If your dog is already well-trained in picking up and naming items, this training adds a new level of complexity that can make your pet smarter.

The Professor Akira Method- the Professor Akira Method is a bespoke canine brain training method which uses a series of 86 flashcards. This brain training games for dogs enables you to teach your dog numbers and counting, picture recognition and the ability to answer yes or no to simple questions.

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